Honing our aerial skills

The last two days have been very busy ones, with a real focus on getting our UAV operations off the ground (pun intended). We have been joined by colleagues from the University of Oklahoma, who also bring multiple UAV platforms with them. Unfortunately, the luggage issues we have all suffered so far have continued to plague us, as the Oklahoma team also had delayed luggage delivery. But as all teams are now fully equipped, the rush is on to be ready for some periods of intensive observations. For the GFI crew, this involves training with both aircrafts and ground control stations, to be able to fly manually with remote, as well as with the automated flight plan. For the manual flying, our pilots have been gradually transitioning from daylight to the more challenging night time operations. The whole team is certainly up to the task, and now the weather just has to cooperate.

Monitoring Bebop quad copter during a boundary layer profile

Flying Bebop quadcopter out on the sea-ice

Flying a SUMO at dusk

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