Lidar wind profiler

For the second half of the campaign we also installed a lidar wind profiler (Leosphere Windcube v1). It has been deployed side by side with the MFAS sodar for comparison purposes.  The Windcube measures profiles of wind speed and wind direction from 40  to 250 m above ground with a spatial resolution of 20 m.

Lidar remote sensing of wind is based on the doppler shift of an emitted laser pulse,  backscattered at aerosol particles that are moving with the wind. If the reflecting particle is moving away from (towards) the lidar, the backscattered signal will arrive back at the lidar with a slightly reduced (increased) frequency. This shift in frequency allows for the calculation of the wind speed along the lidar path. Performing corresponding measurements for at least three different directions allows for the determination of the wind components in all three directions and thus also wind speed and wind direction.