MFAS sodar wind profiler

Our second sodar system is the MFAS sodar wind profiler from Scintec. It consists of a flat antenna array with 64 individual elements inside an enclosure that protects the system from undesired sound reflections and the scientists in the surrounding from most of the noise. It operates in the (clearly listenable) frequency range between 1650 and 2750 Hz and can be operated both sequentially (sending one frequency after the other) and polyphonically (sending various frequencies simultaneously). It is installed close to the road at an altitude of around 8 m above the sea level.

The system provides wind speed and wind direction with a vertical resolution of 10 m, theoretically up to a maximum height of 1000 m. During the campaign so far we reached typically maximum measurement heights between 200 and 500 m. In addition can the MFAS provide estimates of important turbulence characteristics, as turbulence kinetic energy, dissipation rate and the structure parameter for temperature. The temporal resolution is defined by the selected averaging time in the range between 1 and 60 minutes. For the figure below 15 minutes have been selected.