Meteorological masts

Our most important installation is a 10 meter mast we set up on the sea-ice a couple of hundred meters off-shore the coast of Hailuoto. It’s equipped with 3 eddy-covariance systems, high-resolution (20 Hz) instrumentation  which measure turbulent parameters like fluxes of momentum, sensible and latent heat and CO2 mounted at 2.0 m, 4.5 m and 10.3 m above ground level for accurate gradient measurements close to the ground.

The mast is also equipped with high-precision meteorological sensors for wind speed, direction, temperature and humidity at levels of 0.6 m, 2.0 m and 6.9 m. In addition we have 2 4-component net-radiation systems installed at 1 m and 6.9 m measuring the upward and downward directed short- and longwave radiation components and the longwave radiation divergence between both levels. Two heat flux plates, one frozen into the ice at 5 cm depth and one under the snow on the ice surface provide direct ground heat flux estimates.

We also installed a second, but smaller mast, currently equipped with a EC system at 2 m in a distance of about 60 m in order to observe coherent structure in the stable boundary layer.