University of Oklahoma

Phil Chilson (Professor of Meteorology):

In addition to Phil’s affiliation with the School of Meteorology, he is also Director of OU’s Center for Autonomous Sensing and Sampling (CASS). He has spent most of his career in atmospheric remote sensing; however, Phil sees unmanned aircraft as “the next big thing” in boundary layer research. His primary role in the ISOBAR project has been to stand around and ask questions.



Liz Pillar-Little (CASS Postdoctoral Scientist):

Liz has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Kentucky with experience in using unmanned aircraft systems for atmospheric gas sampling. Liz joined CASS in September of 2017 and has been working miracles since day one. She is the driving energy that keeps the growing CASS enterprise humming through her intellectual leadership and remarkable organizational skills.



Bill Doyle (CASS Engineer):

Bill earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from OU and has a true passion for unmanned systems and robotics. Bill is the CASS go-to person when a creative solution to a problem (any problem) is needed. Also, if you need a 3D printed part, ask Bill, He has probably already done it or knows how to do it.



Tony Segalés (PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering):

Tony came to OU with a degree in mechatronics from Paraguay and has established himself as the CASS team “drone wizard”. He has extensive experience flying, designing, and constructing unmanned aircraft systems and digging deep into the dark mysteries of our autopilot systems and ground control stations. The sky is not the limit with this guy.



Brian Green (MS student in Meteorology):

Brian earned dual degrees in atmospheric science and physics from the University of Illinois. He has a passion for science. He has dived head first into the world atmospheric monitoring using unmanned aircraft systems and has become our go to guy for data analysis (the python code slinger). Brian has also been patiently helping Phil to understand social media.



Santiago Mazuera (BS Student in Aerospace Engineering):

Santiago is a seasoned R/C pilot who has been “flying model airplanes since before he could walk”. Having an aerospace engineer along with hands-on sensor integration skills on the team has been a real boon for CASS. In addition to his other talents, Santiago always brings a contagious since of optimism.



and of course the mysterious Ice Shark: