Day break, day off

Another beautiful sunrise marks the end of IOP6 that started at 17 local time late afternoon yesterday. The conditions were a bit different from the forecast, but nevertheless, very interesting to cover. With mid level clouds coming in, the temperatures close to the ground increased from -15 and peaking at  -11 C around 3 in the night, before dropping down again under clear sky conditions and reaching -16 C at sunset. The low-level profiling on the ice went smothly, with all groups taking a fair share of the duty, and thus ensuring a temporal resolution of ca. half an hour throughout the night for the surface layer profiles up to 200-300 m. In addition all five SUMO profiles reached the planned maximum altitude of 1800 m, giving us a hint on the meso-scale development. With this successful IOP in mind, we can now go for a well-deserved day off.


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